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Are you struggling with a parenting plan, child support or facing a divorce? Dealing with legal issues regarding family relationships can be one of the most difficult times in anyone's life. Having a compassionate, confidential and experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference. Joel Michael Flores has been working for years on a variety of different cases, including family law cases. Whether you are going through divorce, legal separation, adoption, parenting plan modifications, or anything else in this category, Joel can provide you with the compassion and dedication that you need. Our firm will work tirelessly to lift the burden from your shoulders and navigate you through the complicated and intricate legal process of dealing with family law. If you have a family law case located in Tacoma or a surrounding area, Joel Michael Flores is the attorney to call for help.

Do you feel embarrassed or intimidated to talk to an attorney. You are not alone! Our firm has dealt with all kinds of domestic issues. We come to each new case with compassion, understanding and a box of tissues if you need it. Not only does our office specialize in professionalism and expertise, but we also specialize in providing a safe space for our clients when it comes to any sort of case, especially family law cases.

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